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I am hungry.

That is all. Just thought I'd share.


i have tim tam balls
Y'know, half of my brain went "Ohhhh, yum!" and half of my brain went "Hee hee hee!" ... I'm so juvenile.
You know, you'd better stop showing me those tasty Chinese somethings (argh! What's the English name for them?), especially when I'm stuck at work and I'm starving! That's not a good way of keeping myself in shape! ;o)
Hee! They're called dumplings ... although, there are also other food-things also called dumplings which are very different. mmmm, dumplings!

About the emails - I just wanted to make sure the email worked ... I will have more good things for you to download after your holiday!!! I have 3 days off, and I plan to sleep, sleep and sleep. Oh, and watch the dvds that have arrived (another titof, and some Enrique ... "Lost City"!!!) Yay for long weekends! Have a great holiday! *smooches*
I'm jumping in to squee Titof!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yays!!

...that is all...
More titoff and you're waiting for the real, the only hot porn and love of my life, that is sweet, adorable Enrique in Lost City! *sighs dreamily*

Titoff is sex, Enrique is love.

PS Can't watch the goodies you sent me until I come back (too many people around at the moment *g*), but I will, I will...
Groan, it's the wrong icon!! Let's choose the correct one...
Titoff is sex, Enrique is love.

Actually, now I'm imagining Titof AND Enrique ... *fans self* *g*