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red pacman

There's a town here in Victoria called Shepparton. I saw one of their smaller buses one day, and it said something like "Shepptransit" on the side - because, obviously, Shepparton is known locally as "Shepp". Oh, how I wish I could write fic! I can see it now - Sheppard as the tour operator - maybe safaris? Rodney could be a wildlife photographer, or something? Or on a doomed-to-failure holiday with his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend? Jeez, forget John and Rodney - I want to run safari tours, or be a wildlife photographer. Seriously, the highlight of my day today was realising that the red stuff I was smearing over the envelopes I was sealing was my own blood - courtesy of a very sharp sticky-tape dispenser. *slumps in failure*

Heh. Now I can't stop picturing Rodney in a pith helmet.


That's a great bunny. Why don't/can't you write?
I used to write. My dad writes. I think he killed any interest through his "constructive criticism". These days, I can't even write a letter. I can barely write a postcard. Philosophy essay? No problems. Weird. Also, I can't stay on track long enough to write. I can neither write nor type fast enough to keep up with my brain, so I last for about a paragraph before I'm off and away in my head and writing/typing is forgotten. I need one of those devices Leto II had in God Emperor Dune - where he had machines which were attuned to his mind, so he only had to cast his thoughts in a particular way and the machines would start transcribing them.
"I used to write."

So long as you never stop dreaming :)

PS: Like your shot with Buddha and the water feature. I'm very WTF with the new art though. Maybe Macca's commissioned it. People driving down the street, read the words, suddenly, "Hmmm, could go a cheeseburger."
Oh, that'll never happen :)


Re: the new art - my friend D has provided us with an explanation via The Age: http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2009/04/14/1239474872091.html
Is the explanation meant to make me less disturbed or more disturbed? Coz I'm feeling like the latter...