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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 104, 105, 106

Day 105
Day 104
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Day 106

And something that's confusing me:

This is the new artwork on the corner of Queen & LaTrobe here in Melbourne. The artwork changes every six months or so. Not only am I not getting it, I'm also not understanding why the terms "quart" and "pint" are used, nor why reference is made to rocky road ice cream and fried okra. This is still Australia, is it not? Where we use the Metric system of measurements, and don't sell rocky road ice cream or fried okra. Why? WHY?

ETA: sharplittlteeth has provided a link to an explanatory article in The Age.


maybe a comment on the 'merkinisation of Aus , starting with the cheeseburger .... ?
Hmmm. And why the lady in the 'labcoat'?
It's the last meal requested by a patient on death row.

Damn. I was reading about this the other day. Presumably in The Age, but buggered if I can find the link.

No. Wait. Got it:
Ah! It helps to know that, because it was completely meaningless to me without that article. I'm still not sure of its effectiveness as a comment on the death penalty, though.

I had thought perhaps the woman had made a posh version of the order - I thought that looked like a little mound of coleslaw in the middle - but I couldn't work out why.
PS: Thank god SOMEONE knows what's going on! We can always rely on you to lift the veil of confusion :)