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ice queen

I'm here, getting ready for bed. The radio is tuned to the local Gay & Lesbian community radio station. It's the only community station I can pick up properly here, for some reason, and I leave it on all day for my cat (don't know why I bother anymore, I'm sure she's now too deaf to hear it). It has some good stuff on it from time to time, but oh - some of it is ohsobad. Which you have to expect - it's community radio (she says, thinking back fondly on her 10 years of presenting on community radio). An example of the bad? The guy who presents Glitter and Tonic on Wednesday nights, who positively gushes whenever he speaks. It's the great gasps of air that he takes in at the beginning of each sentence that drive me insane. Otherwise it'd be okay.

Anyway, a few minutes ago the on-air presenter was wrapping up her programme, and did a little promo for the next show up. The upcoming show is called L33t Rainbow Roflcopter ... and bless her if she didn't call it "L-3-3-T Rainbow Roflcopter". Heh.

... and now they've said they'll be discussing Amazonfail. And the ethics of stealing WiFi. And they're playing Amanda Palmer. Huh. That was good. But I really should go to bed ...


That's really topical for Radio. All media here seems to be years behind the times re the world of the interwebs. Maybe most ppl don't use the web here...
It may have been topical, but it wasn't well-presented. *sigh*

They are actually quite good at keeping on top of gay/lesbian stories around the world. And they're also quite good at the various media. Listeners can email, sms or ring in requests/comments, they have a website which has streaming (www.joy.org.au) and heaps of the presenters do their own podcasts and webpages.

Y'know, it still amazes me when I meet people who don't know how to work a computer or use the internet. I mean, I'm 37. I saw my first computer when I was 12. I've had home access to the internet for over 15 years. And yet, some people at work are so incredibly computer illiterate it's astonishing.
What astonishes me is when I meet people who are less computer literate than my retired parents.

Edited at 2009-04-17 07:20 am (UTC)