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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 111

Balloonrise over Brunswick
atheism is a non-prophet organisation
Originally uploaded by rileyo

And a bonus shot - the second photo was taken this morning out front of my house. Wouldn't it be cool to be up there for sunrise?



And what's a random 'z' among friends?
Depends - did you just think of it as a random 'zee', or a random 'zed'?

So what you're saying is instead of me failing at the internets, I fail at the alphabets?

But only the Australian alphabet. Maybe the Canadian, too. But we're not that important, and will be satellite states of America before too long, I'm sure. The kids are sure as hell over halfway there! (Seriously - nothing funnier than suburban, white, Australian homies!)
Maybe I can adopt you then? lol Or at least go for a visit...
Sweet! Well, if you're gonna adopt me anyway ... can I have my pocketmoney early?

If you came for a visit I could take you up in one of my three shiny hot air balloons ... whaddya say???