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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 114, 115, 116

4 colours
Originally uploaded by rileyo

droplet flyover

Day 114 is the set of 4 dishes I bought from the Asian grocery store on Sydney Road with $20 of my "Ruddy Money" - our government has given a payment to everyone who paid tax last year as part of their economic recovery package. The amount you get is determined by how much you earnt last year ($900 for those under $85k or something), and you're meant to spend it all to help stimulate the economy. So far I've bought these dishes, a new shoulder-bag to replace my broken one, a "studio in a box" (light tent, two lights with stands and backdrops, for tabletop photography) and I'll probably buy Photoshop Elements, as well. Hmm. What else? Decisions, decisions. It's weird feeling morally obliged to go on a spending spree. Day 115 is our lovely gerbera, after yesterday's rain, and day 116 is some of that rain caught on a succulent. Bonus shot is the ANZAC Day formation flyover from yesterday.


I really love your botanical work. You should totally shoot for a gardening magazine or soomit! :)
Aw, thanks matey! It helps to have nice flowers & such to photograph!
great shots !