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Say hello to the Mooch!

Here's the first photo of Dion (looking well evil) in her new home, Melbourne. 

couple of other, non-dion photos

For my birthday in May, one of my flatmates, Lily, gave me this guy - I call him Jorge. Jorge came with a small deficiency. Well - not any more! Jorge now has a package, courtesy of one of my colleagues (actually, the colleague i would have LEAST suspected ...) Today, Jorge is a man. A man with a BluTac penis, but a man nonetheless. 

ETA: wow, my desk is messy! And yes, I love water.


oh, pretty kitty. And you have two water bottles on your desk. I don't know why that amuses me, but it does. I'm also going to say that Jorge is kind of scary looking, but at least he's got all his parts now!
Heh, two water bottles, and out of shot - a huge pile o' crap. My workspaces are always very messy. I noticed the two bottles after the fact and kinda went "Huh. I guess I DO like water alot..." Jorge is buff, but dumb. And I think he likes the men.
Oh, and yay! Thank you for saying nice things about my kitty - that makes me happy!
So Jorge has quite the package there. Me likes.
Don't you go getting any ideas! You've got yourself a man! I only have Jorge! But I think he's gay...
yeah i think i saw jorge out with blaine the other night

hello Dion mooch!
HA! So *that's* where he was... dirty slut.

moochie says "purrrrrr"
Absolutely LOL!!!!

Also, sweet cat, with cat-beaming eyes...
Aw, I like people who say nice things about my cat! Grazie!
Dion's not happy because you took her away from her windows! *pats Diona*

My Jorge's got a big weapon!
Yeah, I feel like a meany. And I took her away from her stalker.

Pffft. Jorge is in love with his weapon. Useless bastard.
The stalker is on my lap purring right now!