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Say hello to the Mooch!

Here's the first photo of Dion (looking well evil) in her new home, Melbourne. 

couple of other, non-dion photos

For my birthday in May, one of my flatmates, Lily, gave me this guy - I call him Jorge. Jorge came with a small deficiency. Well - not any more! Jorge now has a package, courtesy of one of my colleagues (actually, the colleague i would have LEAST suspected ...) Today, Jorge is a man. A man with a BluTac penis, but a man nonetheless. 

ETA: wow, my desk is messy! And yes, I love water.


Heh, two water bottles, and out of shot - a huge pile o' crap. My workspaces are always very messy. I noticed the two bottles after the fact and kinda went "Huh. I guess I DO like water alot..." Jorge is buff, but dumb. And I think he likes the men.