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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 117

day 117
Originally uploaded by rileyo

So today's pic was taken with my crappy mobile phone camera. It's the first real lot of leaf fall that has occurred as a result of autumn, and not the drought. GO AUTUMN! Today was actual scarf & jacket weather, and I LOVED IT. Today also marked the arrival of my 'studio in a box' - a light tent with two lights & tripods, and four backdrops. I couldn't bring it home, though, as I needed my arms to carry kitty litter. A clean kitty loo trumped my photographic desires. I have been constantly chanting, "studio in a box, studio in a box" all evening though, to the amusement of my housemate. I managed to focus enough to make a gluten-free foccaccia following a dead simple recipe I found involving flax meal. IT DOESN'T NEED TOASTING BEFORE EATING! I can't begin to tell you how exciting this is to me. All other gluten-free bread MUST be toasted to be even close to edible. Now I can make sandwiches! And vegie burgers! And it tastes really good! And I'm drinking Brown Brothers Shiraz. Life, my dear flist, is good.

ETA: Ahaha! I was so excited I threw my wine across the room. Oops. Thankfully, I saved some. Phew.


How did you manage to throw your wine across the room?

Unless it was like my Warner Brothers moment last week?
Stood on end of rake. Handle of rake flew up. Smashed into my knuckles. Made wine glass and contents take flight.
I thought only people in cartoons manage to stand on the end of a rake. Maybe I should add to that list, "blondes".
I was sitting at my computer and lunged for the keyboard to type ... I hit the bowl of the glass and it jumped. I managed to stop the glass from fully tipping over, but a large part of the contents leapt in the air and splashed across the ground and up the wall. Fortunately, I'm very messy - there was an A4 envelope on the ground, right where the wine splashed. So it mostly hit the envelope, the base of the lamp and the wall.

Ahahaha! Rake ... I've done that with a broom when I was a teenager. Gave myself concussion - it hit me on the nose.