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ice queen

Project:365 - Day 118 (revised), and 119 & 120

(day 119)
(day 118)
Originally uploaded by rileyo

(day 120)

I changed my mind. It happens, sometimes. I decided to not use my photo of my wonderful sandwich for Day 118, but to instead use this photo I took on the way home that day. Day 119 is a little street/string art project I found in Barry Lane, and Day 120 was found at lunch time today, on the way to the Post Office (little sis' birthday tomorrow, express mail bag urgently required.) Obviously the work of the same person as provided me with my pic for Day 111. As always, click on the pic for a better view. (If anyone wants to have a look at the project-so-far, you can see them all in thumbs here.)

ONE MORE WORKING DAY UNTIL MY LEAVE! Although my boss keeps trying to tell me I'm not allowed to go on holidays.


holiday ? we can meet up and do stuff!
Yes, indeedy! Linn comes to town Saturday til Wednesday, so if you wanna start with a catch-up Mon/Tues/Wed we should be in the towny region somewhat. We'll definitely have to have photo days, too.
Enjoy your time off! Very jealous.
Oh, I will :)

Let me know if you're free and in the inner area, we could always meet up for a coffee or something!
Shall do. I'll be flitting in and out over the next week. I'll give you a buzz when I have more of an idea.
I want to hear of you grooving to a "I'm on hol-i-days" happy dance in the office until you officially log off. A bit of rubbing in never hurt anyone. Actually in some cases it's got people killed. But I'm sure that won't happen to you. **glances around awkwardly**