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ice queen

So far, holidays have been good but busy. My friend Linn is staying here til Wednesday, so keeping her busy is my duty. Went to Southbank Market yesterday, and Fed Square. Took heaps of photos. Found this fantastic stall selling kaleidoscopes, including an enormous one with an eyepiece opening as wide as my fist ... hence allowing me to photograph the patterns inside. Found another - also fantastic - stall selling gluten-free cookies, and bought some amazing amarettos that we had with coffee in Federation Square. Tried to order pizza delivered last night. When they hadn't arrived after 1 hour 20 minutes, I rang the shop, only to get a phone message saying they had unexpectedly had to close the kitchen, sorry. WTF? Thank god for the local Vietnamese restaurant. Awesome food, also cheap. We're off for Koko Black Cinnamon hot choc today, with Lea, and then to the Dumpling House for Lunch. Hoping to catch the new French musical, Paris 36, at the Nova this afternoon. Have managed to get Linn hooked on Chuck, too. Still keeping my fingers crossed it gets renewed. Have to go shower now. I leave you with these two pics for porntestpilot:

batman's hill hotel sign batman's


we should meet up as well, what are your plans the next few days ?
Sounds like a fabulous day you have planned!