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ice queen

Project:365 - Days 121-126

(day 123)
(day 121)
Day 121: statue outside State Library. Day 123: Seagulls in Fed Square.
Originally uploaded by rileyo

daisy (day 122) (day 124)
Day 122: Daisy. Day 124: Taken at the bar, Section 8.

shadow (day 125) shell (day 126)
Day 125: Shadow. Day 126: Shell.

Sorry for the multi-dump, been too busy to post. Linn flew back out this afternoon, so things should quieten down a bit. Remind me to tell you of all the amazing food we have been stuffing ourselves with! Tonight I went to see The Baader-Meinhof Complex at the Nova - won a double pass, so took Sandy along. Depressing film. And now my mind is racing. Hope you're all well, I am so behind in reading posts I may never catch up.


You know...

You take the most amazing pictures. My 365 is utter crap comparatively.

I think I'll blame my substandard camera... what are you using?

Re: You know...

Aw, thanks! But no, yours was not crap, comparatively or in any way. It was fascinating and inspirational!

This is my camera here: http://shopping.yahoo.com/p:Panasonic%20Lumix%20DMC-FZ7K%20Digital%20Camera:1993518371:page=details

It's still a Point 'n' Shoot, but a nicer one than the average happysnapper. It does have manual settings, but I keep forgetting what they are. Maybe that's what I should do today: a concerted training session with the manual.
Have a blast.
Thank you! I'm gonna try.