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dalek birthday by meret

Yay for me, today is my birthday!

I'm using this icon on myself, for a change.

Yep, today I'm 38. Eh, another year. I feel no trauma.

Many thanks to carrieross and dovil for their gifties and birthday messages, and to narellefromaus for her birthday wishes. Much appreciated, guys! Today I'm having lunch with a_carnal_mink and andricongirl, which I'm looking forward to. Then I've got a few people coming over for dinner ... there would be more people I'd invite, but the problem with colder weather is you have to fit all your guests into a small lounge room with limited seating. We need more chairs. Alana has mad me a huge flourless orange cake, and a killer tart: hazelnut shell with raspberry, cream and chocolate filling. If I don't have a heartattack and die, I shall post a photo of it so you can all writhe in jealousy.

Now, though, I need to shower, make the dough for the Pao de Quiejo, and then clean the floors before heading out for lunch. Hooray for me!


Have a fabulous birthday party! :)
Tummy ... exploding ... may not ... survive...

What a way to go, though!
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! La la la la la la Happy Birthday! *big hug*

I hope you had a lovely day, and may there be many many more. =D
Thank you, sweets! Had a grand old time!
Happy birthday, hon! *snuggles*
Thank you so much! I had a great day :)