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ice queen

When you're on holiday, it's like every day is your birthday!

What a great time I had! Yesterday afternoon I spent about 3 hours hanging with andricongirl and a_carnal_mink at the ACMI cafe/lounge in Fed Square, enjoying lunch and chat, and wondering why the hell we don't do it more often. I asked the ladies to scooch up and give me their best sneers for a photo op, which promptly caused them to crack up repeatedly, before I finally got the sneer shot:
laugh sneer

Dinner was awesome - I wish y'all could've come. The lasagnes worked a treat, and check out the cake and tart:
cake birthday tart

Received some awesome presents: Suzette gave me a brick of French soap so large I could seriously brain everyone in the room if I put it in a sock and swung it around. She also gave me a French CD, and a French card, in which she wrote in French (she's not French, but we have longterm plans to spend a month in Paris together). Sandy gave me a Wraith Drone action figure, so look out John & Rodney! He'll sneak up on you while you're smooching on my bookshelf! Albie made me some spice and nut gluten free cookies, and along with Corey bought me a cool necklace - a five cent piece with a red hat and frock glued around the Queen's face on the back of the coin, and encased in resin. Lea provided me with a bottle of Kenzo Flower perfume!!! and Annie bought me a gorgeous paperweight with a butterfly design in the base. Best of all, though, was just that people came and chatted and enjoyed their time in my house. Friends rock, y'all. Must say thanks also to lucifers_toy and meneathiel for thinking of me, and everyone else who commented with birthday wishes. Today I received some new clothes I'd ordered online, so I'm going to lounge around looking fabulous and watch Supernatural Season 1, generously loaned to me by a_carnal_mink. Speaking of, for Supernatural & Misha Collins fans, check out this link. Look for #93.


Yay to a great Birthday! \o/

Haven't forgotten about catching up before your holidays finish. My schedule blew up on me last week (along with that virus reclaiming my body) so I don't even know where I'm meant to be tomorrow.
PS: Schedule did not literally blow up. People around me decided to fug with my appointments. Maybe you can help? How do you manage to be in Singapore and Sydney at the same time? Do people not think of these things?

Enjoy Supernatural. It's worth it :)
Hmmm, what a dilemma. Cloning? Tardis? Star Trek-style Transporter? Oh, when will technology catch up???
That's a sneer?

a_carnal_mink is going to get her Billy Idol licence revoked.
I know! I was quite shocked. All I can think to explain it ... they kept laughing so hard, and I had to keep encouraging them to sneer - I do remember that I said to them, "Show me what you really think of me, show me that contempt." Perhaps she doesn't feel contempt and could only rustle up some disapproval? The left corner of my lip twitched the whole time. It really wanted to join in with the sneering.