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ice queen

RIP Shyla.

Before I came to hang out in LJ I used to be a regular on a forum for people seeking advice on cat problems. I'd gone there for assistance for some problem D was having, and discovered an interesting bunch of people who hung out there. The mod then created a hidden part of the board for the regulars to hang out in - a 'member's area' that could only be viewed by those who had posted over 50 times. There were some cool people over there, including Nat and Charlotte, who put me up in their homes in London and Sheffield, respectively, when I went to Europe in October 05. However, as happens, a bunch of talkative newbies moved in, drowning out the old crowd who, one-by-one, drifted away. I drifted to LJ, and met a new bunch of cool people. I still thought of those old guys fondly, though. Today, for the first time in almost a year, I quietly logged in to the members' area to see if any of the old crew were around. I was saddened to discover, in a sticky post at the top of the board, a memorial post dedicated to one of the nicest of the old crew. Shyla was a Kiwi, a woman who had survived many trials in her life and grown to be a generous and caring person. She was passionate about her local environment, campaigning to stop development on the coast near where she lived. She also battled health problems to volunteer at the local cat shelter, to do what she could to help abandoned cats. Shyla was always the first to speak up and encourage anyone who was down, or who was struggling with the circumstances of their life. Her compassion and advice encouraged members to leave abusive spouses, or change their career path to one that actually made them happy. She was respected and liked and appreciated by everyone there, but unfortunately was not able to help herself as she helped others. Shyla took her own life in October last year, and I can't help but think of what a loss it is.




Who said that web-friends are not in our hearts even when we part?
So true. :)
I'm so sorry, hon. *hugs*
Thanks, Dorie. *hugs*
Thanks Tex. I appreciate that you took the time to comment.
So sorry Riley.
Thank you. So sad when this happens.