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ice queen

Foggy, foggy morn

On the way from the tram to the office this morning.

You know, these are the first photos I've taken since Sunday. My holiday really stuffed up my Project:365. I started out okay, got some really nice stuff while Linn was in town, but the minute she left I went on strike and refused to shoot any for two days. Then I had another run of shots, and then hit another patch of refusing to take any photos. Huh. Bolshy creative spirit. And - in a shot of TMI - my period has finally started, only 4 days late, but considering I'm almost never late, and also considering that I've had all the damn symptoms, just no main event, since Sunday (and it's Thursday here now) ... well. I'm grumpy, sore, and I miss my bed.


Fog! Was SO cool... :D

I especially like your first one there. Where'd the top of mah building gone? Heh.
I love fog :)

It's like the top of the Faraway Tree! There's a different land up there every week!