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ice queen

Originally uploaded by rileyo

I'm in a bit of a quandary. I kinda went on photo-strike while I was on my holiday. I skipped a couple of days in the first week, and then most of the second week. I didn't take any last week except for the Sunday of that week (the studio-in-a-box pics). I took some (like the optimism pic) on Monday, but none yesterday. Today, I feel like getting back into my Project:365 properly, and I took the second pic above, plus a couple of others. But now I have the problem - do I pretend the missing days don't exist and number these as coming straight after the last real entries (and therefore extend Project:365 into next year, instead of ending it on December 31 as it would have), or do I leave big gaps in my project? advice?


If you leave gaps you won't end up with a collection of 365 photos...
It's true, but I will end up with an accurate reflection of the original rules of the project - which were, to take at least one photo each day, and to choose the best photo per day. I'm planning on making myself a book out of it at the end, and I'm thinking that where I've missed a day, or a run of days, I might insert a bonus shot taken on another day and label it as "bonus shot in lieu of Days x through z". You know, I've actually taken over 1000 photos this year as part of the project so far!
Opinionated Comment: I believe that when you feel forced to do some things the fun can be lost and sometimes impacts on your inspiration. I say take pics and post them when the moment takes you.

By the way, I love both of these pics. Optimism and Passion. Sometimes intertwined.

</of comment that makes no sense.
'tis true, what you say about being forced. It has been good, though, to push myself. I've taken many more good photos than I would have otherwise.

That's great! And you never know what may come from them.