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ice queen

Happy Birthday, Horsies!

Yes, 'tis the first day of spring, and it's like someone flicked the weather switch - immediately to warm, muggy & windy >:-(  *is grumpy*

still ... there's bound to be some nice weather ahead ... of course, there's also 40degreesC in the not-to-distant future ... *goes back to grumpville*

Jeez, I really need to stop projecting and live in the moment!

Ps: I now hate washing up. I didn't before, but I do now. When it takes you 1 and a half hours to do OTHER PEOPLE'S dishes ... it ends in hate. Good thing I have a defective hate gene. I anticipate being totally over it in 1.3 minutes.


Cats. Why Did It Have to Be Cats?

Well doing the dishes is a job that , well , ahh forget it.

So your little LJ world thought my IP addy was that of a spammer - so I had to join to post a comment. Here I am - don't expect to see an LJ entry over at my page tho.

I am just coming out of a hot as hell summer....... So good luck!

You and that other one - being Ange - are little post monkies aren't you?

Anyways - cats are evil , I have warned you.

Three Cheers for the Capitalistic Pigs!

p.s I have a friend here called Jorge and , well , he is nothing like your Jorge!

Re: Cats. Why Did It Have to Be Cats?

Awww, dude! You even got yourself an appropriate icon! Heh. As soon as I saw the LJ username, I knew 'twas you!! May I take this moment to squee and say WELCOME TO LJ! Though you may only be an LJ fringe-dweller, you are very welcome!

See, LJ can see into your heart, and knows the real you!

'Tis true, cats are evil. It's what makes them interesting. It's why I'm friends with you, too! (And you KNOW you love them, deep down inside.)

Pffft. I spit on your capitalist piggies!

Heh. I bet your friend Jorge *wishes* he looked like my Jorge ... especially downstairs! ;-)

And seriously, dude - WTF IS UP WITH YOU & CHINA??? Am I seriously going to have to go there if I ever want to share a shaker of martinis with you? Jeez, couldn't you have chosen Vegas as your hidey-hole from the law?

Re: Cats. Why Did It Have to Be Cats?

Hmmmm - I am trying to challenge this one child policy in as many ways as I can!

Should be home for a while soon. Maybe off to NYC next week.

more news at 11.

Re: Cats. Why Did It Have to Be Cats?

Heh. You're a bad, bad T-man!

Ohh, NYC ... one of these days, I swear I'll get there!

Yay! We'll have to catch up if we're in the same country!
As per mskatej's instructions, I am here to inform you that you are awsome.
Heh. You dare not disobey mskatej!
You're welcome! Enjoy the lovely.
Hey I was trolling my f-list when the wonderful amazing mskatej linked to your two gifts of Titoff! You are amazing and thanks so much to adding to my Titoff collection!

As for not projecting and living in the moment. When you figure out how to do it you let me know kay! Although I usually tend to wallow in past mishaps, mistakes, and what-have-yous!
You're very welcome!

So far, the only thing I've found that helps with not-wallowing is having a short attention span! *g*
The defective hate gene sounds like a good thing. *g*

So when's the other porn gonna be up? Heeee.
That defective gene really does rock!

(and check your journal comments, you've got first shot at it!)