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ice queen

Tuesday's boring. Let's think back to the weekend.

bum tree
Saturday I went a-wandering with Alana - we went to the fabric shop first, so she could by fabric and I could take photos, then we headed off to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Over 200 photos later ... I was left with a lot of uploading to flickr! After leaving the fabric shop, we passed the above computer store, which made me wish I could write. I want an AU where Rodney owns Atlantis Computers, and John runs the Fair Trade coffee shop two doors down (called The Brunswick East Project). The tree above right made me giggle like a schoolchild. It's a bum! It's a tree! It's a bumtree! Here's Alana, and some fabric:
And here's some samples of our lovely Botanic Gardens (more at flickr):

Hooray for autumn! And for cameras :)


I've been meaning to go to botanical gardens again, was thinking about going this week some time.. and hehe Bum tree ;p

oh you off this friday again ?
You should go! It's awesome there right now in its autumn clothes!

Hee, bum tree. Hee hee hee. It's never not funny.

Yep, I'm off this Fri, hoping to hang with you and B.

Hey, did D like the bread? Have you watched any Chuck or Castle?
yeah D liked the bread , we shall have to make some :]

friday should be a goer, nelly and zane are in town but not sure of their plans as yet , but will still have time for you guys :]
I'm always freaked when I see current fall pictures, even though I *know* it's fall there. I mean, I await the New Zealand apple crop here every year with bated breath.

Lovely pictures as always. I particularly like the second one :-)