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ice queen


ETA: Disturbing development. Was just converting an Mpeg4 to an AVI - not using the DVD burner at all - when the computer started making that noise again. When I stopped the programme, the noise stopped too. *bites nails*

Wondering if any computery types can answer this?

I tried ripping a dvd the other night, and about 15 minutes before the expected finish time of the rip, my computer started making this weird, high-pitched computery ringing noise. I at first thought my mobile phone had gone berserk, changed its ringtone and started playing up. Then I realised it was coming from the tower of my computer, towards the front where the dvd burner is. It made the sound at intervals that got shorter between, and the sound went for longer each time. I freaked out and rang my brother, who had never experienced it before, and then I stopped the rip. The sound immediately stopped and didn't come back. I've burned stuff since then with no problem, but just tried ripping another DVD this morning ... again, with the end of the rip just 15 minutes away, it happened all over again. Any ideas what the hell is going on???


It sounds like the motor spinny thing that twirls the dvd around - either because the motors crapping out or because the dvd maybe had a defect or wasn't sitting quite straight. Man, I should go into being a computer tech with my obvious knowledge on this subject.

Hahaha, DAMN YOU, WIZARDS! *shakes fist*

I guess it probably is the motor, as it was two different discs that I tried ripping, so a defect in both is unlikely. Also, as it was travelling along fine for about 45 minutes each time, I don't think it would be that the discs weren't sitting in there okay. *sigh* Oh, well. My bro is sending me his spare burner next week.