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ice queen

In Your Capital City
Originally uploaded by rileyo

This is a letter received at the office today for one of my colleagues ... gave us all a good laugh.

On a more serious note, this Saturday marks the 2 year anniversary of the government intervention in the Northern Territory. There's a Melbourne Aboriginal rights solidarity rally and public meeting in the CBD Saturday to mark the occasion. For info, click here. Hope to see some fellow Melbournians there.


heh oh dear ..

hey friday lunches this week ?

hope so! hope B is up for it, too.
Hee! I'm amazed that it got delivered!!

OT: I have carousel horse pictures for you. I took them on my cousin's camera this summer, and she just now sent them to me. Will send them along shortly.
Yeah, we were pretty impressed that it still found its way here!

Thanks again for the pics. What a cool collection.