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ice queen

Come on, government.

Poll shows 60% of Australians support gay marriage.

And you know what? Even if only 20% of people supported it, it should still be allowed, because the laws of our secular society should be based on fairness and equality, not popularity, bigotry or religion.


Annoying isn't it?

Isn't it madly frustrating. We are lucky here our politicians disagree with gay equality on moral (read they are mostly RC) grounds but luckily we have this pesky Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that they can't get around. Though our dickhead PM (hate him) keeps trying to bring it up.

I have never understood making governing decisions based of religion? I mean, why can we make the proper decisions without having the threat of eternal damnation hanging over our heads. We are supposed to be grownups. ;)

Good luck.

Re: Annoying isn't it?

It is so frustrating! Our PM keeps trotting out the line, "Marriage is traditionally between a man and a woman". So freaking what. Women and Aborigines were traditionally second-class citizens - didn't make that right, either.

There is no good reason why they shouldn't be allowed to marry. Discrimination makes me sick.

What I also don't get is where they get off making religious-based decisions when we have a variety of different religions in this country, and many non-religious voters, too. In my particular suburb there are more non-religious people than those of any one religious denomination. In my neighbourhood the dominant religion is Catholic (large Italian population), but the census figures showed that atheists and agnostics outnumber Catholics. ARGH.
I never understand why it's a popularity contest?
Me neither. We vote them in to run the country in a manner that serves the best interests of the country, not any particular group, minority or majority. It's either the right thing to do, or it's not. And if it is - and equality for all is definitely something Australia as a country values - then it should be law, even if the majority of the populace is too bigotted to be in favour.
Sing it, sister. A measure of the civilisation of a society is whether its people support the rights of all of its citizens to live their lives, not just when they agree with how those lives are lived, but particularly WHEN THEY DO NOT.
A-fucking-men. *cough* 'scuse my french.