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Oh, dear.

So I just got an sms from McLeod. Mangy git, I haven't seen him once since I moved to Melbourne in January (and he only lives TWO FRICKIN' SUBURBS AWAY.). Still, it looks like I'll get to see him tomorrow arvo, as he's just asked me if I'll do voice part for his film. (I'll be a ghost.)

Hmm. I wonder if he remembers that I CAN'T ACT.

Oh well. It's his film. ::shrugs::


You're going to be a movie star! Awesome.
Heh - the best kind of movie star, too: unpaid, unseen, untalented - no paparazzi for me!
Hey! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the Titif links!!

Heh, you're welcome! I hope you enjoy 'em!

What the hell is this.

Yesterday it was all pussycats and puppydogs. Now it is dicks and fcuking. What are you people doing?

Re: What the hell is this.

Hey, a girl has to have some variety in her life! It can't *all* be kitties and puppies!

Re: What the hell is this.

Maybe I am just upset at the type of pussy cats I was being shown!

Chuck Bulimic

Re: What the hell is this.

Aw, diddums! Go here: www.sexpacking.com - you'll find something more to your taste!

Re: What the hell is this.

nah - so.k


Re: What the hell is this.

Go on! It's a website for a french clothing company called Shai which has made 3 pornographic music videos as their summer catalogue! You can choose: girl/girl; guy/girl; or guy/guy. Me, I'm not into the girlies ... but I liked the third option! The song they use is not too bad, as well.

Re: What the hell is this.

hmmm - I quite liked the girl / girl option. What were they selling again ?