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rilestar05 by carrieross red rilestar

My PSA for the day...

I'd like to recommend to those SGA fans who may have missed the announcements elsewhere that you stop by and have a squizz at sga_slashships, for you daily dose of dovil (Whee! Alliteration!) madness ... ably assisted by any comm member who chooses to do so. What's it all about, you ask? Taken straight from the info page:

Community Rules:

1. Any and all SGA slash ships are allowed. That one and that one and that one over there are fine. But not that one.
2. All captions MUST contain two (2) people of the same gender standing about together. But standing about with lingering intent. Lingering intent of slash.
3. No different gendered people must be seen in any caption polluting things with their different genderness. Obviously these captions capture a moment that's going to quickly explode into hot steamy making out with tongues, lets not dirty it with unnatural heterosexual shenanigans, people.
4. No McShep, which oppresses fandom and kills it.
5. Kidding! McShep to your hearts content ya big oppressor!
6. Bashing is manditory and will be rewarded with imaginary internet chocolate fish
7. Please keep arms inside the carriage and your tongue firmly in cheek for the duration of this ride.

There's nothing quite like silly captions on innocuous screencaps to bring sunshine to a gloomy day.


Awww, thanks for the pimp! You now get 5% of the takings, which is approximately nothing. In fact you now owe IRD $16,000.
Dammit! Every time I think I'm getting ahead - BAM! Another bill.