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ice queen


Alana just asked me: "Riley, is it normal that when I ask people if they're going to the rally against the Intervention that everyone says, 'What intervention?'?" .... I suggested referring to it as the 'Northern Territory Intervention', but she said she did, at the initial lack of recognition, and it didn't help matters. WTF, people?!?! Today is the second anniversary of the Intervention. I know it's not widely talked about, but it is in the news from time to time. For those outside of Australia, the Intervention is the previous government's brilliant idea for dealing with the alcohol and child sex abuse problems in the Northern Territory. Well, in the Indigenous communities of the Northern Territory, anyway. The current government has maintained the intervention, too - don't get me wrong, this is not a political disagreement. Basically, what has been done is that the government moved in and made all these communities alcohol-free zones. They also withheld a portion of everyone's welfare benefits, so that the money can't be used to buy alcohol - that portion can only be spent on food and the like. They also shut down all government-sponsored projects which employed members of these communities - throwing all Aborigines who worked on them onto benefits, so the government could control how their money is spent. There is no proper infrastructure set up out there. The people affected by this intervention have to spend hundreds on taxis to get to the approved stores to be able to collect the food their quarantined welfare benefits are allocated for. Oh my god, can you imagine trying to pull this shit in the white suburbs??? Every town has it's area - the butt of all jokes, noted for being full of bogans/white trash. I think in Melbourne it's Frankston. Can you imagine the government trying to do this in Frankston? In absolutely NO WAY would it be tolerated, but the way it is now, we have people going 'What intervention?'


Re: 2nd year?

Ah cool you tube strikes again. There are some clips.


Re: 2nd year?

Huh! Thanks for the link!