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As soon as I saw this news headline I couldn't help but think, "RODNEY!!!!": Kids' 'nuclear reactor' clears streets.

And I've been poking around the the 'warnings' stuff briefly this morning, without the time to comment, and I'd just like to say - to all those morons spouting off about how they have the "right" to say whatever they want in their personal journal and that everyone else has to lump it - don't be ridiculous. I'm so tired of people treating their wishlist as their "rights". People can - and have - been prosecuted for libel over things they have written in their personal blogs, so no - you don't have the "right" to say whatever you want with no comeback. And seriously - don't be such an arse. Post a damn warning. Use the blackout code, put it at the end and let people know it's there, put it in a separate post and link to it - however you want to do it, just damn well do it!

Jeez, I really want to stab people in the eye with a pen today.


...and explained their six-year-olds had not managed to build an actual nuclear reactor.

*snorfle* And now I'm thinking of the little brother in Better Off Dead...

Yours is the third reference on my Flist to some warnings-wankadrama going on. Should I be glad I'm soomit of a fandom hermit these days and therefore haven't seen the shitfight?
You know, that's one Cusack film I haven't actually seen!

(And I had to pause in typing this response because your package arrived and was handed to me! Thanks!)

*Siiiiigggghhhh* It's just selfish idiots who think that they shouldn't have to warn for things like non-con/dub-con, and that sexual abuse survivors should 'stop expecting to be coddled' and 'just click the back button' when they realise they've stumbled on to something trauma-inducing. God, I hate people.

You must see BOD! A classic of Eighties comedy, to be sure. I'll try to remember to bring it next lunch/drinks/geekynattering session for you to lend. :)

Ah, that particular debate seems to run in cycles every few years. Wait long enough and it'll come around again. People... they, well, suck. :-/
That'd be awesome! The combo of the 80s and Cusack ... a must see!

Yeah, seen it before, undoubtedly will see it again. Unfortunately.
When I read that article, I thought "OH, Rodney and John's kid is that old, huh *G*!"

The problem with the backbutton thing, is that works say, if I thought I was reading a John/Rodney fic and it turns into John/Ronon fic. No harm, no foul, I'm a bit peeved is all. Fine.

The problem with the dub con and so on is that by the time you realize you need to get out of the fic, it is too late - back button all you will, you've already been triggered and there you are. Knowledge can't be unknown. I'd just like to be able to say "no thanks" and I'm so grateful to the writers who do warn.
Hee, I love it when stuff that could come straight from a fic appears on the news!

You're absolutely right about the back button. I don't have a history of sexual abuse, but dub con makes me very queasy and if there's a warning, I won't read it. I've also been surprised by death fic at the wrong time (I do have a history of depression, and can't read stuff like that when I'm in that space) and been very upset - and that's not a patch on what other people can experience from stumbling over one of their triggers unawares. It is *so* easy to avoid harming people in this fashion that I just want to slap people who refuse to take the simple step of warning.


I can just hear Hyp saying.... it's not a working model. Poor John. ;) I guess they were afraid the kids had found radioactive waste products or something?

Ah yes. I am hoping it's just a few people whining about literary licence verses the idea of being Decent Human Beings and a few who just don't get it. I don't get why 'they' don't get that it's already triggered someone by the time the back button would be used.

I never read anything that doesn't come with pairing and warnings. Not that things trigger me, luckily, I just want to be able to decide what I read for myself.

And hey I just watched Cusack in something.... Grace is dead? I can't remember the title (I'm getting so old). He was pretty good in that but I liked the daughter(older) better.

Re: Snicker

it's not a working model

Ahaha! I can just imagine it.

I don't get why I never cease to be amazed by the selfishness and thoughtlessness of some humans. Why don't I learn?

I'm with you - I want to know the pairing and any content I may want to be aware of before I make my choice to read. If it says it contains non-con, then I can choose not to read. If it doesn't say it contains it and it does, I can't unread what I've read - I can only be glad that I don't have anything to trigger about. I'll just feel queasy and out of sorts. And mad that there wasn't a warning.

I'm very fond of John Cusack. I especially love Grosse Point Blank.