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Yes, this is a racist country.

One in four prisoners in Australia is indigenous

ETA - I should add, Indigenous Australians make up around 2.5% of the total Australian population.


Oh, I can join the party - NZ has the second highest rate of imprisonment per capita (second only to the states) of that just over half of prisoners are Maori even though they only make up 8% of the population. I am too dumb to work out the 1 in x measure.

So even though it's well documented that Aborigines got the short end of the stick and then some, if it makes you feel any better we're lagging well behind as well.

Okay, that's probably not going to make anyone feel better.
Oh eta why don't you and win!

Okay, Maori make up .0009 of the population and you can only see them if you go out into your backyard at 3am and stand very, very still.
Ahahaha! It's sad, the lengths you need to go to to win!
Woo! Company in racism! Yeah, doesn't really make me feel better. Just gives me more people to hate! Woo!