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ice queen

dragontatt asked for pics of the new couch, so
Armchairs Blurry old crappy 2 seater
The 2 new armchairs
Blurry old crappy 2 seater
That's the old two-seater we've had since the last house - Lan got it from a secondhand shop for $30.
Couch!!! Lounge room
This and the two armchairs = $49
Lounge room
No dancin' room, but plenty of seats. Guests will be much more comfortable.

You can see we decided to keep the daybed for guests. The new couch is also comfortable enough to use as a guest bed. \o/


Wow, I can't believe they were that cheap. Which might mean my idea of what things cost there is wrong, actually. Also, new house that I have never seen!
Well, to be honest they wouldn't have been that cheap in a secondhand store. Even a charity store would have charged more than that for just one of the armchairs. It was only because the owner wanted a little cashback and sold them on ebay. Also, some of the secondhand couches I liked on ebay went for $180 and up - and that was excluding armchairs. I think part of the reason I got this so cheap was because the owner put the starting price at $49. I was the only person who bid. The other couches that went for higher prices started at 99c, and that seems to make people more willing to start bidding.

When you consider that the average income here is around $50,000 p.a., things are priced accordingly.

I wish you could come and see this house, too! *shakes fist at the ocean between us*
Wow, that's cheap and it looks great!!
Thanks! They're awesome. Can't believe how comfy they are! And in surprisingly good condition. I want to hug them all the time. :)
Wow....awesome and comfy looking! Nice.
:) I love them. I want to hug them all day long.
Soooooooooo comfy. Perfect for curling up with my new ebook reader! :D