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out like a light_by slayground

This weekend is my go-nowhere, do-nothing weekend. My precious old kitty cat is pretty much completely deaf, and hence has no idea how loud she screeches. The past few weeks she has taken to waking me up once or twice every night by screeching in my ear. Apparently, she has a desperate need for pats at 4am. I don't really mind, because I refuse to feel inconvenienced when I know she may not be here this time next year, but the impact of the broken sleep is really catching up with me - I'm exhausted every day. I decided, therefore, to spend the entire weekend dozing on my lovely new couch in front of a bunch of stuff I've downloaded, reading fanfic on my ebook reader (WHICH I LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING, ALMOST!!!)

Missed what Alana tells me was a fantastic gig on Thursday night. Vic Chesnutt and Victoria Williams. I had a ticket booked, but foolishly went to my scheduled blood donation appointment that afternoon - and as a consequence had to spend all evening lying on the couch (which is when I discovered how supremely comfortable it is :)). Stupid blood donations make me weak as a wet noodle for hours afterwards. :(

Anyway, couch is calling!!! Big, squishy hugs to all.


Sounds suspiciously like my planned weekend. Good sleeping!
Heh! Not getting so much sleeping done, but enjoying it immensely anyway! Hope you are, too!
it's perfect weather for flopping on the couch today :]

we have to go out later on and face the wind and rain :[
Yeah, yesterday was great stay-inside weather! Hope you survived the rain and wind last night.
Cats seem to acquire odd habits as they get older. My girlfriends cat is 12 and all of a sudden she won't eat from her food dish until her head is stroked. She'll run to her dishes and cry, and wait for someone to come to her, stroke her head, and *then* she'll eat.

Which ebook reader did you get?
Ahahaha, what a great trick! They learn better how to get affection. When they are young they will often run away from pats, only to get much more affectionate as they age.

I got the HanLin ebook reader - the Chinese one. It's the cheapest one available over here, and I flat-out refused to pay $900 for the ILiad when I could get the HanLin for $400. I really, really love it. I found a fanfic ebook library, and a friend has directed me to another site.
Confession: I've only left the house twice in 15 months without my Reader. **hangs head** Sad hey?
Hope you had one of those gloriously lazy weekends.
I uploaded some new series of books onto my Reader and spent Sunday watching Supernatural Season 1 on DVD and reading when I needed a break. Lazy Sundays - Amazing what it does to your general well-being.
Re: your confession ... mea culpa, too! Do you think we need an eRA (eReader's Anonymous)?

Weekend went pretty damn well. :) Lazy weekends are restorative!