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ice queen

random stuff

I've just received YET ANOTHER power bill addressed to someone who has never lived here, from a company that does not supply power to this address. WTF? Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? The bill claims it's for power used at this address, but we don't go through them and we know the name of the people who lived here for years before us, and it doesn't match the name on the bill. I'm sick of sending 'em back.

Went to the doctor this morning to get another prescription for the anti-inflammatories I have to take for my spine. It's so funny - every time I go, they want to check my blood pressure and enquire about my cholestorol. Then they're always amazed that both are perfectly fine. Why? Because I'm overweight, and we all know that every fat person is a drain on the health care system, don't we. Sorry, doctor. I'm one of those healthy fat people - yes, they do exist. The doctor also wanted me to test to see whether or not I have Coeliac disease, but I refused. The only way Coeliac disease will show up is if I go back to eating gluten for about 6 weeks, and given how sick it makes me to eat it, I'd rather not. Especially as the only treatment for Coeliac is to give up eating gluten, and hello! Already there. She was also trying to sell me on Quit Smoking tablets, and again was frustrated by my refusal to take the offered solution, as they are anti-depressants which are known to cause pyschotic breaks in some people. Jeez, she's so eager to "fix" me! But you know what? I'm okay with me. Sure, I'd like to be thinner - but I'm too damn lazy to exercise. Eh. Maybe one day.


I once had the privilege of overhearing the nurses at my doctor's have the following conversation about me:

Nurse A: Well, her BMI is (slightly overweight BMI)
Doctor: You know what, she eats vegetables and she's active. Let's leave her alone.

I just could not stop \o/ing. Yes! Thank you! Don't nag me every time I show up here, yay!
\0/ :D I am \o/ing right along with you! That's awesome, way to go, your doctor!
Sounds like a scam. they try and frighten people into paying bills they don't owe. We get them at work all the time. I'd just report them to the better business buro.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who says 'no' to the docs. I don't understand people who just do what the doctor tells them. I never take any medication until I've researched it and the reason my doctor seems to think I need it. And when I'm still not certain, I get a second opinion. I mean, it's *my* body. I'm the one who has to be responsible for it.
I took your advice and submitted a possible scam alert to the Consumer Affairs Department. Just in case.

Yeah, I've butted heads quite a bit with doctors in the past - when they've tried to prescribe me unnecessary antibiotics. People take too many pills, and it causes all kinds of problems with mutating viruses. I really don't see the point in undergoing invasive Coeliac testing (blood tests, camera in places none should go, possible biopsy) when it would do me no good to know whether I'm actually Coeliac as opposed to 'just' gluten-intolerant. Pffft.
i dont like doc who try pill pushing all the time .
Yeah, they're too damn eager to prescribe.
oh and power bills, odd, just send them back
I have been, but they keep sending them. I took allzugern's advice and let the Consumer Affairs department know, in case they're hoping to scare people into paying stuff they don't need to.


I enjoy how doctors want you to give yourself the issue back to prove you have it/the cause of it. Wankers. At work so ninja. -ptp
I know! It's nuts.

You're such a good ninja, bb.

Hope work is going okay.
I'm shaking an angry finger at you for calling yourself overweight.
Fair enough. That should be 'over recommended weight'.

I loved that old typewriter off Sesame Street. He was great.
I've given up on "recommended". According to some set of statistics and BMI data I should be 7kgs heavier than I am. 7kgs?! Then I'd be overweight!

Typewriter was great. So were Warner Brothers, Muppets. But now they're all considered evil :(