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If I don't write this down, I won't remember...

Dear Rilestar,

Tomorrow is Father's Day. Go ring your da.


I hate telephones. I don't hate my da, though, so I'll have to use the bloody thing. *sigh*

Phew, what a day it's been.
Too damn warm. It's the second day of spring, for fuck's sake! At least it's meant to rain overnight and cool off. I HATE HOT WEATHER.

Didn't end up having to do the voice thing for McLeod as he'd forgotten to arrange it with security. *wipes brow in relief* Now I don't have to be immortalised on tape as sucking. 

Just had a bludge afternoon with andricongirl Leaving the upload running, headed off to meet her at Section 8, for my favourite pink grapefruit juice followed by a long black. sharplittlteeth dropped by with his Lonely Planet guide to Queensland, preparing for his trip. Crazy man, doesn't he know how hot & humid it is up there??? Went for a shop then, damn you Jelli! I bought the coolest bag on the face of the planet - a black satchel with a Dalek on it, and the word "Exterminate!" I will never grow up. I refuse to admit that 35 year olds should not own such things. Also grabbed a silicon skin for my ipod, as well as a couple of interesting-looking books: The Call Of The Weird: Travels in American Subcultures, by Louis Theroux and Why Do Men Have Nipples: Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini by Mark Leyner & Billy Goldberg, MD. Prepare to learn, folks - I will be sharing the knowledge. I love learning. (I'd love to learn how to make those little heart symbols, for instance...) Went to Meyers Place for a gin & cranberry juice, before dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown (???) ... Yasai Bentoh was had, and it was sooooo delicious. Finished off with a classic martini at Gin Palace before off home to feed the hungry kitty. 

Got the fan running now, waiting for the rain to come. Would do a little raindance, but I'm too tired from the warm (& the gin *g*)


Your bag sounds really cool! I'd buy one and I'm older than you, so 35 is not too old to own a Dalek bag.

By hearts symbols, do you mean ? The html code is- & hearts ; -only without the spaces. If that's not what you meant, then I don't know. (The html for the color red is < font color = #ff0000 >, without the spaces.)

Awww! I you for teaching me that!

And the bag is awesome! I'd whack up a pic, but my camera batteries are flat. My brothers will be sooo jealous. Yes, I come from a family of geeks and dorks!
Consider it a small payment for all the lovely porn!!

And I love geeks and dorks- my family is actually a bunch of rednecks, except we don't live in trailors.
dunno how to do hearts but i can make apples 
Um, that's not an apple, Jell. That's called a square!!!
it's an apple on my puter !
oh well heres a triangle ∆ and an ohm Ω
That's more like it!
Turns out, I have an inferior computer :-(
'tis apples on K's computer.