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ice queen

... punching my ovaries as hard as I can ...

That's a little song I'm singing to myself. Argh, cramps.

Very sore and blergh today, but heading off for a 2pm birthday lunch with Sandy, whose birthday is really tomorrow, but he works weekends. I bought him a book called Philosophy through Science Fiction Movies - a bit of light reading for when he needs a break from his PhD thesis on the Philosophy of Mathematics. Sandyman, in case you haven't guessed, is a superbrain. And incredibly socially awkward, bless his heart.

Alana is housesitting at the moment, so it's me and the cat, watching lots of Star Trek: The Next Generation and curling up on the new couch. Life is so hard, people.

STILL battling my union over the incorrect receipt they sent me for my dues. Seriously - I paid it in June. When they bank it is immaterial - my receipt should reflect the date I paid. It's really becoming a matter of me being pissed off that they won't call me back when they say they will, though. I've called them 5 times in the past week, and they keep saying the bookkeeper will call me "today" and talk to me, but never does. It's all become a big landslide of firstly their incompetence, and secondly their rudeness. A pox on all their houses.


*sends hot water bottles & hot tea*
*cuddles up and drinks*

I wanna come over and watch TNG with yoooo! Also, the Union thing sounds helluva annoying. =/
Oh, I wish you could!!! Would be so fun!

Yeah, the Union thing is pissing me off. It's bad enough that they stuffed up, but to give me the run-around on top is just infuriating!
I hope you feel better soon.

Where are you with ST:TNG?
cramps not so bad today. But they'll be back next month, I'm sure!

I'm edging up to the end of Season 2.