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Oh, ffs.

My mother calls me every other day. Sometimes she calls me multiple times in a day. Usually she tells me nothing much - maybe about a recipe, or something. She just likes to talk. She loves phones as much as I hate them. She rang my mobile just now, while I'm at work. For a start - wtf? I'm at work. And it's to a mobile - which is costly. Especially in comparison to the $0 it costs to dial my home phone (special plan she's on). So she rings me and tells me what music they're listening to; that my youngest brother has found the camera I loaned him which he had misplaced; and ... then she starts talking about doctors, and tests ... and she loses me completely. Apparently, there's something wrong with my father's legs? And he spent a week at their place, taking full advantage of whatever is wrong with him and generally being inconsiderate and obnoxious. That much I now know. What the actual story is with his legs - not a clue. WTF? Ma, if you're going to ring me all the time, you could actually tell me stuff that's going on that I might want to know! GRARHGH.


Is there someone else in the family you might be able to call who might know the leg story?
I emailed my older brother and asked him. Apparently, Dad scraped his leg a couple of months ago and didn't treat it. It got infected, and he's had to have it treated & cleaned every day. He's been put on strong antibiotics (the stuff my brother was given when he had Golden Staph) because it isn't healing. If it isn't showing improvement by Monday, the doctor is looking at sending him to hospital. My dad is an idiot.