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The weirdest thing happened this morning...

Some of you may remember that I have a bad back - legacy of a moderately severe bout of Scheuermann's Disease, which left me a spinal curvature and two fused vertebrae. Well, when Alana came back from her house-sitting jaunt last week, she told me about the mattress topper on the bed of the house she'd been minding. She said it was extremely comfortable, and recommended I get one, since I have a bad back. I checked them out online, and managed to get a memory foam one (RRP $249) for $150, postage free. It arrived last night, and I put it on my bed and crossed my fingers that it would be helpful, and not actually make things worse (as some things seem to, when they're meant to help!) When I woke up this morning I had this brief moment of blinding terror, as I thought something really weird had happened to my back ... before I realised that what I was experiencing was the first morning in my memory where I have woken up WITH NO BACK PAIN AT ALL!!!

I keep smiling to myself. I can't wait to go to bed tonight :-D


wow :]

maybe i should get one , I cant remember a time i woke up not in pain from my back either .

You seriously should get one, IT IS AWESOME.
You can have little squishy children who won't mind if you sit on them...
Ahahaha! The best kind of children!
Hooray! How awesome =D
It's wonderful :)
I hear you! I wish i could have a mattress/bed that really makes me rest. I also agree that most of the stuff they state is useful is worse for my back! I'm very happy you could find something that helps!
It is so wonderful to sleep so comfortably! This is the stuff that the mattress topper I bought is made from. It is a few inches thick, and lays on top of the mattress, under the sheet. Perhaps you can find this somewhere in Italy, too?