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I was supposed to go and buy new trousers today, but have managed to convince myself that my last pair of jeans will last a little bit longer, I'm sure of it! God, there's nothing I hate more than shopping for trousers. Seriously, what is it with making tapering trousers for women with big hips??? They look terrible! It's so hard to buy wider legged pants, and I hate shopping at the best of times. Gah.

This afternoon, on Twitter, I suggested to Hart Hanson, creator of Traders and Executive Producer of Bones, that it would be great to see David Hewlett on Bones (or, in fact, anything on television). He replied to me, saying he was a 'gigantic fan of David Hewlett' - yeah, you and me both, matey. It seems the response tickled DH, though. Well, it was worth a shot, anyway. :)

Tonight Lan & I are off to see Fourplay String Quartet at The East Brunswick Club, around the corner from my house. They're having an album launch. Should be a good night.