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ice queen

Fourplay String Quartet

Fourplay were fantastic! Back from one hell of a gig, wish I could watch it all over again. We bought their latest two cds before leaving, so may have to play them very loudly in the morning. (Fourplay aren't just a string quartet, they're an indie electronic string quartet. :)) They played covers of Sufjan Stevens, The Beastie Boys, The Cocteau Twins & Leonard Cohen, amongst others. One of their covers, which was a highlight tonight, was their version of Killing In The Name Of, by Rage Against The Machine. I found this dodgy quality recording of them performing it in Sydney:

If you'd like to hear somemore of their stuff, their Myspace page has a handful of audio tracks and a few more vids, and their online shop has short samples of all their tracks. You really should check them out!

Damn, I'm never getting to sleep tonight.


Awesome! Thanks a lot for linking, I hadn't heard of them before!

(And you know Apocalyptica, right?)
Hooray! I'm glad you liked them :) We first heard them when we made a dance video for a Tasmanian dance company, where we had to film them doing improvisational dances and then cut it to two Fourplay tracks merged together. We just loved the music!

Apocalyptica ... the name sounds familiar (maybe you've posted about them?) but I don't know their work. I will have to google later, when I get back from the movies.
Yes, I have surely mentioned them on my LJ :) They're the cello guys who started out playing Metallica covers with strings only, later they added some light percussion and on the more recent album(s?) there's a whole drum set featured and the strings are more and more electronically distorted, so you might want to check out the older stuff first :)

(Sorry for the shameless pimping, but I really like them *g*)
Ooh, they sound interesting! I haven't had time to look them up yet, but hopefully tonight I'll check them out :)