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ice queen


More bad news for Afghani women.

And it's no fun to be gay in Iraq...

But what about my "very good chance" to win $1 000 000? Reader's Digest to file for bankruptcy.

And the odious Kyle & Jackie O are back on air - fortunately with a delay, this time, and pre-recorded interactive segments... so hopefully, when their faulty moral sense fails, hopefully their business sense will have time to kick in.

On the home news front, feeling shitty with a flu-y bug thingy, fever, aches, pains, etc. But, I'm doing way better than many others, so I won't whine, but send my get-well wishes to everyone out there suffering with something today. xo


Hello there!

Feeling any better yet?

Wanted to say the the book I ordered with the voucher you gave me for my birthday arrived today. Whee! Thanks again =) I chose "What to expect in the toddler years" and it's already proving useful in explaining the weird (but apparently normal) behaviour of the wee Nomster (such as the obsessive cupboard-emptying!).

You don't post much these days; I miss hearing how you're doing.

Love M
Hello lovely!

I am feeling better, fortunately! It was a nasty virus which consisted of constant headaches and severe muscle pain, meaning I couldn't sit up long, or sleep much, due to the aching. Thankfully, it ran its course and I was better on the weekend.

Glad your book has arrived, and that you're finding it insightful!

I was going to do a proper post, but had a horrible day yesterday and a busy one today. If we don't lose the power tonight (100k+ winds at the moment) I hope to do a proper post after dinner.