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ice queen

An update! It's an update!

Originally uploaded by rileyo

The loverly nimnod has requested an update on my oh-so-not-very-interesting life, so I give y'all (that's for beadattitude :)) a photo, and put the rest

Hmmm, let's see. Well, I've taken some photos. Obviously. There are more ferris wheel ones up at flickr, if you're interested, along with some graffiti - of a priest doing naughty things with a child ... you know what I mean. This:

tea for two
is from Sunday, when Suzette came and grabbed me for afternoon tea in North Melbourne. This cute little cafe/corner store which does Devonshire Teas (for Suze. I had chamomile.) The vanes (?) on the windmill spoon actually turn. Although, you have to turn them yourselves - despite the ferocious winds we were sitting in, they wouldn't turn unless you made them. Oh - one of the things I loved about the cafe was that they had an old crate full of crocheted blankets outside, for those sitting at the kerbside tables to keep warm!!!

Went to the doctor yesterday - I have this lesion on my forehead (half in my left eyebrow) that has changed appearance, so I wanted to find out if it's skin cancer. It used to be a flat, tan patch which appeared a year or so ago, but now it's darker and raised. The doctor had to write a referral to a specialist, though, who can't see me until September 25. Stupid waiting.

Oh, in good news - I'm getting a pay rise! I wasn't expecting to - you normally get one after 3 years in the job, but I switched jobs within the same organisation and was told my pay would be frozen. They've changed their minds, though, and are giving me the raise ... which, YAY! It's funny, the amount I'm earning seems like a fortune to me, but it's just the average income. I guess it's a mixture of having been hideously poor in the past, and not having children or a mortgage to pay with said income.

Last night Melbourne was hit with winds of 120kph+. My suburb was one of the fortunate ones, and we didn't lose power. I curled up after dinner with Season 1 eps of Traders and a nice drop of red. Made a great dinner last night - it was a vegetarian, gluten free version of a recipe my ma used to make: a pasta/meat slice. Vegie mince, brown rice macaroni, onion, garlic, tomato sauce & tomato paste, parmesan and cheddar, baked. It was soooo tasty, and the house smelled fantastic! Mmmm, leftovers for lunch!

Hey, I think my stabbing headache is going ... leaving that spaced-out feeling in its wake. Excellent. Now to try to focus on my work ...


Yay, an update! Now you feel a few less thousand km away ;)

Waiting for doctors sucks ass, because in the meantime you worry. At least it's next month (I waited months for an appointment on the NHS when in the UK).

120kph winds are insane. I'm trying to imagine walking along the street in that without being swept away!

Also, hooray for your raise! Guy got one recently so for the first time in ages we're doing better than paying the bills every month. It's kind of exciting to see our little savings account slowly growing.

*goes to check out your photos*

Yeah, I waited 8 months for my surgery. Pfft. What's a month, anyway.

I know! They were really bad out narellefromaus's way, and she's *tiny* - I completely envisioned her flying off across the state. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...."

It's nice, isn't it, to not have to scrounge for every penny. I used to save all my 5c pieces so that I could go to a movie every now and again. It was the only way I could find the $10 (then - tix are $16.50 now!) - to empty all my small (tiny) change into a piggy bank at the end of every week. Nothing bigger than 5c ever made it in there, but I was able to go to see Lord of the Rings 7 times thanks to that piggy bank!!!