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I have this stuck to my office door.

And have emailed it to the worst work offenders.


Now, that is just pure gold.
It really, really is :)


Righ-click, Save image As...
I call myself a Google DBA. For some reason there are those that consider solving a problem via Google cheating. No, I call it time saving and a great way to avoid nucking futs syndrome from setting in.
Oh, it's Narelle by the way :)

I am continually amazed by people who ask others on the net (on LJ, for instance) to explain an unfamiliar term - they're already online, they could just google the answer in less time than it takes them to post the question!!!
Ahaha! I am definitely printing that out and sticking it to my wall!!
I laughed out loud when I first saw it. It's perfect!

It happens in my job, too. People call us to get an info about a tax problem, such as how to do this/that or how a specific law works, and, if I don't have a specific inner source or know the answer right at the moment, I just google the question and reply them!
I just google the question and reply them

Ahahaha! That's fantastic!