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Things that bug me.

* Hypocrisy
* People taking their moods out on others
* Self-importance
* Know-it-alls
* Constant attention-seeking
* Meanness
* Spitefulness
* Narcissism – and the related: when people only like people who are exactly like them.
* Judging the person, not the act
* Bullying – even if you’re not aware you’re doing it, even if you think it’s for a good cause.
* When people refuse to believe they’re wrong.
* When people say the same joke over and over again, with the mistaken idea that it gets funnier each time.
* False apologies
* People talking to you while looking past you to see if there's someone more important around that they would be better off talking to. Seriously - don't waste my time. You're not doing me any favours.
* Bugs. Just ... ugh. *shudder*

Hmm. This was somewhat cathartic. I think I might add to it whenever I think of a new Thing That Bugs Me.


hey so frideee meet up, at ACMI 1pm ?
* people making comments unrelated to my entries.

AHAHAHAHA! Just kidding.

Friday would be coolio. Is B in?

Heh, I think we posted at the same time. :D
* people making comments unrelated to my entries.

oh gee, sorry (not) ;p


Oh hey - if it's happening, can I hang around with youse guys? D's off to Queensland for a few days and I guess it wouldn't be entirely healthy of me to spend the entire time hiding inside talking to myself. ;D
yes you! please come along :]

Yay. :) 1pm @ ACMI, then. Excellent.
Hmm. Yes to all of those. I'd put Meanness/Spitefulness at the top of my list.
They are especially dismaying. I must say,though, my list is in order of occuring to me, not in order of bugging me.
This feels a little bit pointed. Am I being overly sensitive or was this a passive aggressive dig / vent?
I've just read the list 5 times, and I can't understand which bit makes you feel like it's directed to you. I'm sorry if it's upset you at all, I certainly didn't mean it in anything other than a straightforward way. Someone in the office was bugging me (through exhibiting one of those behaviours) and I just went on to think about other things that bug me.

I don't actually have a problem with you - we disagreed a little on something, but that's okay, isn't it? I didn't mean any offence the other day, and I'm sorry if you've taken any, or if you feel weird, or whatever. If you do have an ongoing problem with me after the other day, please let me know.


And you live in Australia! That must be painful.