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rilestar05 by carrieross red rilestar


The IT boyman was in my office yesterday, fixing up a computer issue. It was going to take a few, so I left for a wander and came back in time to see him replace my McKay doll into the arms of Sheppard. We got to talking about SGA, and he started talking about how it should be starting up again soon. I thought he was referring to Australian television (where they haven't shown seasons 4 or 5 yet), but it turns out he was talking about season 6. I actually had to break it to him that the show had been cancelled! His reaction: "BUT WHAT AM I GOING TO WATCH NOW???" So I burnt him some Psych. Oh, the pain - the pain! It never quite goes away. (In my head, I'm currently picturing myself as Lost In Space's Dr Smith, in full-on, melodramatic swoon. Heh.)


You didn't mention Stargate 90210 to him?
I did mention it to him, BUT I DIDN'T SOUND AT ALL ENTHUSED!!!