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ice queen

NT intervention labelled ''clearly discriminatory'' by UN.

UN Official slams Northern Territory Intervention - the link is to a transcript of Samantha Hawley's report on Radio National's PM programme. Here is a write up in the Canberra Times. I think it's fairly telling, though, that if I hadn't happened to catch the report on the ABC (TV) news last night, I wouldn't know anything about Professor Anaya's statements, as it's not covered by any of the big online Australian papers - that I can see, anyway.

ETA: I stand corrected: Here is Mal Brough's response to Professor Anaya's statements (and prepare for your brain to bleed if you read the comments), and here is the report from The Australian. And The Age has just posted this.
Another ETA: I am both disappointed and usurprised, however, that none of these links are to leading articles, but more to minor reports that I had to find by googling Professor Anaya's name.