no name #6 (rilestar) wrote,
no name #6

*headdesk* AND *facepalm*

Seriously, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Last night, our lights went out. We have power to everything else, but no lights. It turns out there is nowhere open at 6pm on a Saturday that sells fusewire. Okay. So I go to the hardware store this morning as soon as it opens (10am). Guy looks at my fuses and says only one is broken, and they don't look like they'd be the cause anyway. Still, replace the broken wire and turn it on: nothing. So, not the fuses.

We rang the power company to make sure it was a problem with the house wiring, not the connection from the power lines. We went looking for our account number before calling, and Alana discovered we haven't paid a power bill since October last year. (She gets the bills by email and pays, then tells me what I owe her, so I had no idea.) Then we start getting that "uh, oh" feeling. A couple of months ago I posted about us receiving power bills from a different electricity provider, addressed to our house, but to a name we don't know. It's starting to look like someone has switched our power over in another name to another power company, and I've been sending the bills return to sender, because they're not addressed to us. Oy. So, tomorrow Alana has to ring our original company and ask what happened, and to get our electricity switched back to them. Then she has to ring the Department of Consumer Affairs and find out what are our rights and responsiblities regarding the power bills addressed to someone else at our address: do we have to pay them? We never wanted to switch to that company, and the bills aren't in our name. I mean, we have no problem with paying for electricity we've used, but we consciously chose not to switch to the other company (Red Energy) because they're not accredited Green power suppliers. Here we were, thinking we were getting 100% Green energy, and we're not. Who switched us over? Was it the door-to-door salesman I said no to, wanting the sale anyway? Was it an error, and it was meant for some other address? What a mess!

Anyway, I'm currently waiting to hear back from the landlord (we rang him because the real estate's emergency contact guy didn't answer his phone) to see if his electrician can come around this afternoon and find out what's up with the lights. Sigh.
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