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ice queen

Lights! Camera! More lights!

Yes, we have light again. Our lovely landlord (who keeps saying how much he loves seeing his mum's house looking lived in and loved) just left, taking Dan the young electrician with him, and leaving behind lovely, glowing lightbulbs. 'Twas the switches & the wiring to them - both in the library and the lounge, causing everything to go. Took about an hour and a half. Landlord now also knows about illicit kitty, and didn't get cranky - he just made kissy noises at her. :)


Dawww, fills me with hope re:our own I.K.! :D

Glad you have 20thC technology firmly back in place again, m'dear. Let there be light!
Hee, illicit kitties are the best kind!

It's so nice to have enough light to read by!
yay :]
Indeed! Now I can read again. And run the exhaust fan in the loo, which wasn't working because it is run in conjunction with a light!
Awesome news, both the lights and the kitty!!
:) I can now see well enough to read! And pat the kitty ...