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ice queen

The strange story of Mlka Radsinac - revealed!

We seem to finally have some answers. To those late to the story: my flatmate realised on Sunday that she hasn't paid an electricity bill since October 2008. We get our bills by email notification (to Alana only), and she pays them immediately via Internet Banking and then tells me what I owe. We receive separate bills for gas & electricity, but both from the same company: Tru. So, Alana never noticed that we were only receiving gas bills from Tru. Also, throughout this year we have been receiving mail from electricity provider Red Energy. The mail is addressed to our address, but the name on the letters is Ms Mlka Radsinac. As that is neither Alana or I, and as we had our account with Tru, not Red, I've been sending them back unopened, after writing "not known at this address" on the envelopes. That is, until July.

I opened the one we received in July to see what the hell it was all about. It was a bill for $647+, being for overdue amounts and the current reading. I posted about it at the time here on LJ. I even - following advice - submitted the details via the Consumer Affairs department's scam-watch website, in case the letters were a way of trying to trick people into paying money they don't owe. Of course, we finally realise on Sunday that something has gone very wrong and that somehow our electricity account has been transferred to Red under someone else's name, and that the bills are for electricity we've been using.

Alana rang Tru on Monday and got the ball rolling to get us transferred back to them (we pay them extra for the 100% green energy plan, and Red aren't accredited green energy providers). When she finally got to speak to someone at Red, she was informed that it was all due to a typo. This Ms Mlka Radsinac does exist, apparently, and had wanted to move to Red Energy. When the account was being set up, two figures were transposed when entering the meter number. It seems no further verification is needed before an account changes from one supplier to another, so our account was automatically transferred to Red.

Round up: within two weeks we'll be back with Tru. According to call centre girl at Red, our outstanding power bill will be transferred to Tru as well, so we'll be paying them, and not Red. It means that I'll still lose all of my backpay I received with the pay rise, but at least it'll go to Tru, and towards green energy. That's *if* all goes as we've been told. I await convincing that nothing else will go wrong.

ION: attended an OH&S rally yesterday with over 7000 other unionists. Took some photos which I'll be putting up later. Lots of flags and tradies.


That is weird and somewhat annoying. It means that by submitting someone elses meter number anyone could get the account of someone they wanted to mess with changed. Very odd.
I know! If I were the vindictive sort I could totally use that to cut off someone's power....
Ugh, I just tried writing a big comment about our curiously similar current run-ins with this Red Energy mob, but I just haven't got the sanity or equilibrium to do so yet. Put it this way - we're calling the Ombudsman tomorrow over the whole fiasco. At best, what Red are doing with our gas supply is completely unethical, at worst it HAS to be illegal. Basically interfering with the ability of our supplier of choice (Origin) to enter into a contract with us, because the tenants who lived here before still owe Red money (like you, I've been R.T.S.ing all the mail coming in for these people). HOW IS THIS OUR PROBLEM?? The whole thing's utterly fucked. They're holding an essential service hostage from us because of the actions of someone completely unconnected to us.

I am, hrm, less than impressed. And seeing that we're not an isolated incident and - quelle surprise! - it's Red Energy again, what a coinkydink! *chiz*
That's appalling! Def ring the Ombudsman & get their help.