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ice queen

Oh, dear.

I am slightly, oh-so-drunk. Damn these farewell "lunches". I am so drunk I shouted a $32 bottle of wine AND 2 jugs of Cooper's Pale Ale - and I have no idea what it just cost. Damn.

Tomorrow, birthday afternoon tea followed by Sunday's monthly lunch with Robin. Then a week before I go on a week's leave. [Unknown LJ tag] [ETA: I'm too drunk to have any idea where I went wrong with the html there, but I mean you, B!] and andricongirl - want to have a movie day at my house sometime between the 11th and the 20th?

Also ETA: home now, Suze dropped me off - saving me a taxi fare, as I don't think I'm up to public transport! - and we discussed, of all things, our twin desire to learn how to make our own furniture (it pre-dates the awesomeness of Flan & Misha, but they do inspire, nonetheless!). I'm off now to google woodworking classes on weekends in my general area, for Suze, me and Alana. HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO MAKE YOUR OWN FURNITURE???

and now I have the hiccups. *hic* I think I need more wine.


LOL LOL drunky riles
movie day sounds good
That might be the single greatest post you have ever made <3

Clearly the solution to hiccups is more wine. Good thinking!

(So I'm thinking we should catch up BEFORE Armageddon, because otherwise it will have been two years and that's just pathetic)
Ahaha, yeah, we're pathetic! Well, I'm fairly free next week - on leave. If you want to meet up for lunch, or coffee, pick a day & time and I should be able to work around it!
I'm free in the mornings pretty much all week. I have uni at 1 on most days, but my mornings are free. And on Friday I finish at about 3.15. I'm fairly open, because I clearly have a lacking social life. Woe.