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out like a light_by slayground

Dear September,

You are cancelled.
I hate you very much.


While I'm at it, Christmas is also cancelled. So now there'll be no reason for so many damn September birthdays. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH.


are you going to bree's thos arvo ?

And I just bought you and D the coolest presents. Alana keeps asking if she can keep them instead.
what !

oh what time you going ?
want to meet up ? Im just going to have shower so maybe ill be too long .. ?
mmet up some where to go together i means .
I was going to cab from home, so if you want to come here after your shower you can come with me? It's not until 3, so there's time.
ok may do that. need to go through the city and get some cash + lunch on the way .. but will be at yours in plenty of time
Hey! What's wrong with September? I know 2 very cool people with birthdays' in Septemeber....
THAT'S THE PROBLEM! There are so many damn September birthdays it's ridiculous! I bought presents for five people on Saturday, along with cards and wrapping paper, and it bloody came to $180!!! And there are still more birthdays! And no more money!