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Truly, I am the master of the eloquent subject heading.

Today I'm kick-starting my leave - I'm not due back at work until Monday the 21st HOORAY!
I'm planning a little bit of reading, a little bit of napping, and a little bit of actually getting out and doing things. Starting today, with lunch with andricongirl. Tomorrow night, Alana and I are off to meet up with a bunch of people to go see The Man In Black: The Johnny Cash Story at The Athenaeum.

The star of the show is ohmygod Tex Perkins, who has been enticing girls to the bad side for over 20 years now. Those of you outside of Australia probably haven't heard of him, so here's a couple of videos for you:

The Beasts of Bourbon: "Psycho"

And The Cruel Sea: "Better Get A Lawyer" (this is a live version as the official music video has embedding disabled).

Speaking of gigs - we've booked tickets to The Duke and The King at The East (the pub around the corner) in October. One of the guys is from The Felice Brothers, and while I'm not familiar with his work, he's on the same label here as Bonnie Prince Billy, Smog, M Ward, etc. Also, had a brief listen to the track on their MySpace page, and they sound good. We've also booked tickets for November 21 to see The Buzzcocks at The Corner - how much fun will that be??? Now I'm seriously considering Elvis Costello at The Palais on October 10...

Next Tuesday I'm off to the Salvador Dali exhibit with Suzette, and to check out a gluten free restaurant in Chapel St. This restaurant (Italian) has gluten free versions of almost everything on their ordinary menu, as the female co-owner is a coeliac. So exciting - what the hell will I choose, now that I have more options than "chips" or "greek salad"?

lucifers_toy - WE WILL MEET UP NEXT WEEK, OR DIE TRYING. I can't stand the shame anymore. :D

Good lord, look at the time. I need a shower. Byeeeeeeeee!


tex .... should be a great gig , wish i was coming

yeah dont be smelly for out lunch .. hmm I need a shower too .. ;p