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ice queen

The Man In Black

Just back from watching Tex Perkins in The Man In Black - The Story of Johnny Cash ... on the 6th anniversary of Johnny's death. Tex did a fantastic job - from the moment he opened his mouth for the first song, we were all blown away at how much he sounded like him. The band were incredible, it was a great show. Except ... of course, there always has to be an 'except' - and it's always the same thing. Why - WHY - do people pony up $50 a ticket only to talk through every damn song??? And why are they always right near me??? This time, it was the people in the row in front. The show took place in the Athenaeum Theatre. Everyone sits. We were in the dress circle. It's bad enough in a band venue, to have idiots near you who talk all through the gig, but what moron thinks it's okay in a theatre? Eventually, a few songs into the second half, the people in the row in front of these idiots turned around and told them to shut the hell up! - offending the offenders, who exclaimed, "It's a concert!" Yeah - it's a concert where we've paid $50 to hear Tex Perkins sing, not you talk, you tools. It was unbelievable - not only did these people talk all the time, but they acted out the songs. There was even some seriously embarrasing head-tossing going on during Hurt. The only thing missing was the goddamn lighters held aloft! It wouldn't have been quite as annoying if they weren't directly in my line of sight - every time I tried to ignore them and focus on the show they'd be leaning over the boyfriend of one of them to talk to each other.

Still. Can't stop singing Folsom Prison in my head.


Love Folsom Prison. Did you see that link I posted to the wee tiny kiddie singing it on youtube while playing the entire thing on his wee tiny guitar?
No, I missed that! I'll have to track it down tomorrow.