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Rilestar04 by carrieross J/R pic in pic

John Lenic (Producer, SGA, ADB and everything else) did a Q&A on Mallozzi's blog, where he said:

On Atlantis, they [the Air Force] weren’t involved nearly as much as they didn’t really care what we did while we were on the other side of the universe. They did try at one point in season 1 to get Joe Flanigan to cut his hair so that it was within regulation. Joe didn’t respond too well to that, so the Air Force ended up backing off.

I'm fascinated by the idea that the Air Force really didn't care what they got up to as they were in another universe! (oops. I mean galaxy, not universe.)


I love that the fanon idea that the military would let them do all kinds of things isn't too much of a stretch :D
I know, that's what got me! This idea was quite common in fanon, and who knew it really wasn't that far off!
I'm trying to picture Joe's reaction to the hair cut suggestion...

At least this is support to the fics that hand wave DADT with "We're a zillion light years away from home!"
Haha - I bet they got The Eyebrow.

I immediately thought of those fics, and who knew they could be so close to the mark?